NU Conference for Women: How About Me?

Webinar Workshop: How About Me? Getting the Recongnition You Deserve

Patricia K. Gillette

NU Conference for Women Webinar: How About Me? Asking and telling. That is what helps you advance in your workplace. That is what gets you the compensation that reflects your contributions to the organization. That is what catapults you into the rooms where power is being wielded. But women are often reluctant to tout themselves and their achievements or to seek out stretch opportunities.

​In this session, we will explore practical techniques for effective self-promotion that will advance your career goals and ensure that your value to the organization is recognized and rewarded.

Three takeaways:

1. Force yourself to ask for stretch opportunities

2. Make yourself tell people about your achievements

3. Ensure that you think and act strategically

 The following video is a sample.  If you would like to view the entire video, please contact