Rainmaking Study

Lawyer Metrics Lawyer Metrics has completed its two year study focused on identifying the characteristics that make rainmakers successful. This groundbreaking study and confirms that characteristics of rainmakers are quantifiable and not bound by gender. Rather the characteristics that make Rainmakers successful are grounded in their backgrounds, their personal experiences, and the way they view themselves.

This research may provide law firms with invaluable information to use in grooming associates and junior partners to become productive members of their firms. It also may be useful in helping firms choose new lawyers and identify existing lawyers who are more likely than not to become rainmakers for the firm. Moving firms away from focusing solely on the tactics of rainmaking to a more targeted focus on lawyers who have or can be trained to have the characteristics to be successful rainmakers, will ensure that firms are using their resources in a cost effective manner.

Pat Gillette and other sponsors and contributors to the study are sharing these inspiring results at conferences across the U.S. Contact Pat as your keynote speaker where she will share her first-hand experience contributing to the study and what it means for law firms today.